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Next Market:

December 4th, 5th, & 6th 2015

December First Monday Weekend

Come join us for the December First Monday weekend!!

*Important --  The main days of the Market will be Saturday and Sunday Dec. 5th & 6th.  Friday, December 5th, is dealer setup day and the public is welcome to come but most spots are not setup so the shopping is very limited.  The Market will be open on the Dec 7th as well, but most Dealers leave Sunday evening so be aware, that again, shopping will be very limited to the late departure vendors so don't expect much on days other than Saturday and Sunday.

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Free Space Rental for Yard Sale Items

2015 marks the new Flea Market selling year.  The January and February Markets can be quite cool but in Mississippi, we get those 65 and 70 degree days and it makes for some really good weekends.

This winter and into the Spring of 2015, we will be promoting our new Carport sale area.  By downloading and printing a $5.00 coupon, the space will be free of charge, certain rules and regulations do apply.  This new area is to help local residents have a place to bring their yard sale items without having to pay high rent charges up and down the Highway and also give them access to the large crowds of First Monday.  It's a win-win for everybody this fall so make plans to clean out the attic or the shop and bring those previously used items to First Monday for the Largest Yard Sale in North Mississippi.

More details on the Carport/Yard Sale page. Let's make October 4th and 5th. The largest yard sale in North Mississippi.

New Era for First Monday

After building up and managing First Monday since 1974 with his wife, Betty, and children, Wayne Windham passed away this last November 15, 2014.  To build this market up was no small feat and it was certainly not done in a day or two.  We started with just 2 rows and about 30 dealers back then.  Adding water, electric, and gravel to each section as the market grew, by the mid-90's we had over 1200 spots and about 600 permanent dealers.    In 1989 we added the Trader's Inn Restaurant to provide our customers and dealers a place to sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal at a reasonable price.  Since the late-90's, the market has slowed scaled down to its current size of 600 spots and 250 permanent dealers.  Currently the market is managed by Keith and Cheryl Thurmond and Jerry and Allison Windham.  With our goal to restore FM to its fullest potential; we are making changes to the marketing and to the grounds layout.  We are committed to evolve our Market with the preferences of the customers and to find new and creative ways to better serve those customers.  First Monday has been around for over a 120 years and I'm sure it will be here 120 more.  If you've never been to First Monday, come check us out; if you remember coming a youngster, bring your youngsters and continue this time honored tradition of buying selling and trading.

First Monday started in July 1893 and has happened every month since, rain or shine, sleet or snow.  We like to say you can find anything at First Monday, from antiques to "as seen on TV", pots and pans to designer clothes, pedigree puppies to black & tan hounds, Bar B Que to Gyro Sandwiches and everything in between.  Its a great atmosphere to leisurely walk around and enjoy the sights and sounds of days gone past, where the streets bustled with activity, people shopping, sharing stories, snacking on a hot dog, finding odd items, comparing prices and of course good old fashioned "Haggling." A man once said he came to First Monday one time with a pocket knife and 2 dollars, he left with a shotgun and good horse.  First Monday started as a day set aside once a month for people to come together and trade their wares with others.  Bartering has always been one of the bed rock commerce activities of the Americas.  We hope you can join us sometime, either as a vendor or a shopper and experience the fellowship of doing business with friends and neighbors.

We can't promise that you find everything you are looking for, but we can promise you will find things you've never seen before.  Come join the Fun!!!!

Click here to download and print a buyer's guide and Map with a parking pass use it to get a free 32oz drink at the Trader's Inn Restaurant.  Only valid for month listed on guide and visit often for updated guides and offers.

2015 Market Dates:





January 31st and Feb 1st


Feb 28th and March 1st


April 4th and 5th


May 1st, 2nd & 3rd


May 30th & 31st



July 4th and 5th


August 1st and 2nd



September 5th and 6th



October 3rd and 4th


Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st



December 5th and 6th






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