Livestock Yard:

Rates and Rules:

  • The Yard is intended for Poultry and other livestock, excluding dogs.
  • Merchandise is allowed but does require a Privileged Permit from office.
  • Animals must not be left unattended for long periods of time.
  • No Animals shall be left on premises after the market
  • All animals must have food and water as required by the Federal Animal Welfare Act.
  • All vendors must have a of cage of sufficient size to enter the Livestock yard required by the Federal Animal Welfare Act.


  • 2-Day Pass (Open) - $22.50    Privileged $25.00 
  • 2-Day Pass (Covered) - $37.50    Privileged $40.00
  • 2-Day Pass (Fully Covered) - $52.50    Privileged $55.00
  • 2-Day Pass (Building or Other) - $ ICB

*ICB is Individual Case Basis



******* Notice*******

  1. Only bird dealers that are part of the NPIP Program and have paper work to show proof are allowed to show or sell poultry at public events.
  2. Please contact the MBAH to find out more about the program

State Veterinarian

Mississippi Board of Animal Health

For alerts and status, please text "poultry" to 70000 and answer the three questions.  (name, email, and county (First Monday is in Tippah County))