Dog Yard


The Dog Yard 

Rules and Rates:

  • The Dog Yard is intended for Dogs Only
  • All vendors must have a dog or dog cage of sufficient size to enter the dog yard with an open permit.
  • An Open permit is for the non-designated space only (see Pricing)
  • Merchandise or Poultry is allowed  but not intended for that area and requires different pricing. (see pricing)
  • All animals must be your property, no lost or stolen animals allowed (violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law)
  • No animals shall be left on the premises, if you brought it, take it with you when you leave.
  • All animals must have food and water as required by the Federal Animal Welfare Act.
  • All animals must have ample leash and cage space as required by the Federal Animal Welfare Act.
  • Have extra water visible at all times. 
  • Report all violations to 662-837-4051, option 6.
  • Click here for a full list of Rules.

 Attention Dog Yard Traders:

All traffic must exit to South Parking Lot


  • Reserved space
    • $45.00 per Weekend
    • $50 w/Shed  (includes access to power)
  • Dogs only 1 day pass 
    • $10.00 per day (non-designated area)
  • Dogs only 1 day pass w/trailer
    • $15.00 per day (non-designated area)
  • Dogs plus merchandise / poultry (see Notice at Top of page)
    • $15.00 per day (non-designated area)
    • $20.00 with Trailer
  • Merchandise or poultry (see Notice at Top of page)
    • $15.00 per day (non-designated area)
    • $20.00 with Trailer
  • Electricity
    • $3.00 per day (non-designated area)

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Special statement:

99% of the dogs brought to the Ripley Trade Days are working and or hunting animals.  From hearders to retrievers, life in rural areas often involve the help of trained dogs to help their owner accomplish everyday chores and to help them track and retrieve wild game.  More often than not, these animals are not pets and cannot be treated as such or they won't perform the duties and functions they were breed and born to do.  They are not house broken, they don't lay on the couch with their owner and snooze the day away, and they certainly don't get to stand by table at mealtime and beg for food.  There is a huge difference between a pet and working animal and that needs to said and understood by everyone who visits a working animal trade center.  Don't compare your "Bruiser" or "Ms. Sophie" to one cute beagle in a pen with his pack. They are hunters and stone cold killers in their natural environment.  For this reason the dog yard gets a bad wrap a good bit of the time.  Just because you wouldn't treat your pet like that in a million years doesn't mean they are not treated right, just remember they are not your pet. These animals are important to the owner and most all them would never do anything to hurt or mis-treat them.  Many times they are an investment and a valued part of everyday life.   Mistreating animals provides no benefit and the owner knows what works best for the animals in his charge.

Another bad wrap is lost or stolen animals.  In the past 30 years since this author has been involved with the market, no lost or stolen animal has ever been found or recovered from Ripley Trade Days.  That means none, zero.  Many of you would beg to differ because you have a friend of a friend, or a friend of a neighbor you know that has recovered many animals here.  Not true. We have had this reported to us many, many times but no one can produce a name or contact information of anyone claiming to have recovered an animal.  This is very serious situation to us and we follow every report to investigate this very serious charge and accusation.  Many times there are false statements made, especially on social media (such as Topix and Face Book) that are simply not true.  Many times they are made for the sole purpose of inflicting financial damage on the market's reputation, which in itself, is a crime no different that mistreating an animal.  We urge everyone to please be aware of the facts and to have real evidence when making such claims or accusations in the public realm.  

We operate under the rules established by the Federal Animal Welfare Act.  Click here for more information about cage requirements.